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The future speaks to us. Influent and authoritative voices interrogate the world to come, through visions, inspiration, entertainment and stories. Our podcast productions, all original, lead to the future as we imagine it.

What job will you do?

with Chiara Bacilieri (Coming soon)

PODCAST copertina che lavoro farai

The world is changing rapidly and, consequently, its priorities, its needs and its reference figures. What will be the most in-demand professions in the next 50 years? From technology – artificial intelligence, virtual reality – to sustainability – from climate protection, the new frontiers of food, new energy resources – to the demographic collapse and increase in life expectancy, to inclusion and l empowerment, the growth of digital nomads, who will be the new professional figures ready to be hired in the future?

Chiara Bacilieri is an expert in work psychology. He is responsible for research and innovation at Lifeed, the social impact EdTech company that creates digital solutions for human capital development. In his career she has combined psychology and data by applying them to marketing and human resources: two traditionally separate areas that can gain a lot from greater mutual contamination. She talks about his life and career on social media. In 2021 Forbes included her among the most influential under 30s.

Rights into the Future

with Pegah Moshir Pour (Coming soon)

Diritti al futuro 3

“Rights must be everyone’s, really everyone’s, otherwise call them privileges” (Gino Strada).

Being born in a certain part of the world, in a specific historical period, in a specific economic situation, inside a specific body, does not only change, as is natural, the person we will become, but it also changes our access to social equality and fundamental human rights, such as freedom of thought, of expression, the right to vote, access to education and health care. Rights that a small part of the world takes for granted, and a very large part considers a utopia.

Rights to the Future is a podcast series with Pegah Moshir Pour, telling stories of people who, without any fault of their own, find themselves at a great disadvantage in the match of being in the world. The podcast series, thanks to the help of influential protagonists, investigates a possible way forward for a different future, that is both fair and inclusive.