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Innovation, human rights and sustainability for a more conscious, inclusive and promising society. A better world is possible, and we want to tell the story.

  • We are hopeful. Our vision is optimistic, inclusive, open to dialogue and confrontation. We believe in the human capacities for adaptation, imagination and evolution.
  • Innovation is our mantra. We tell the stories and the ideas that will change the world for the better.
  • To us, humanity is the core. Through an engaging storytelling we are committed to countering all forms of discrimination, teaching respect, and advocating for social justice.
  • We are naturally sustainable. Caring for the environment is a shared responsibility concerning everyone.
  • We believe in innovative ideas and we tell stories about people and organizations committed for the planet.
  • We create deep connections through compelling narratives, online and offline: ONLIFE.
  • Every media has its own language and we distribute our content through a variety of formats: films, documentaries, series, podcasts, events, social media.
  • Expertise and integrity. Our authoritativeness is based on ethics, experience, fact checking: we strive to offer reliable and well-documented content, guiding audiences through the complex transformations’ landscape in our time.
  • Empowerment: knowing is power. We want our narratives to inspire meaningful action, providing individuals and organizations with the tools to learn about reality and actively participate in building a better future.
  • Global Community: ONLIFE Media aspires to bring creative minds together, innovators and thinkers from around the world. We want to create a network to share ideas, experiences and visions, opening the doors to a global dialogue.
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